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About Us

The Interior speak for themselves

About Us

SBK Interior Designers, we choose your homes with fabulous way to improve personality and play with trends and keep our interiors decorators with fresh and inspiring. Since our inception, we have set our sights to emerge as one of the best interior designers by building a strong reputation as being a trustworthy and excellent service provider.

Being an interior design firm that seeks to deliver the best to our customers, our team of interior designers dedicate their efforts into designing spaces that are often characterized by smart and logical utilization of space, beautiful design, lush greenery and sensitivity towards external environment.


Proven Process



Your inspiration, our ideas, designing a home starts with a conceptualizing a theme. Design is the most important aspect of a project.

Turnkey Solutions

From conceptualization to curation design to putting everything in its place, we undertake complete turnkey projects

Colour Palettes

We choose cohesive color palettes inspired by your vision to transform the ordinary into sensational spaces. We try to do the best to make efficient look

Lighting Design

We direct the interplay of light against surfaces, textures and intensity to create the right mood for every room. We believe in the best standards.

Why Choose Us?

How do we do what we do? Again, it’s simple. We hear. We observe. We pay attention to details. No casual comment from a customer is trivial, no suggestion is silly. We admire the fact that our guests know their need and nurture a vision or dream. Our sessions with them are friendly, open & indulges in violent discussion. Sessions that establish the spirit of cooperation and fellowship to bring out the stylish creativity while staying true to functional requirements. Our job is veritably simple, to restate rudiments of design & aesthetics which comes to us from times of experience, vast & rise exposure.

Years of







Vision Driven

We start every project by understanding the vision and values of our clients and define the project deliverables. It’s the clarity of purpose & ambition of the clients that define every design decision that we take through the lifecycle of the project.


It is paramount for us to understand the quality and needs of the space within which we work. The study of topography, Views, regulations, budgets, etc. all form part of the understanding and framework of the design evolution.

Best Team

Advancement in technology has created specialized skill set for different aspects of design, demanding interdisciplinary thinking. We bring in the design passion while leading the integrated teams of consultants who are experts

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